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As an authorized Xerox, Konica Minota, Samsung, and Kyocera Colorado Springs’ copier dealer for over 35 years, we have seen almost everything.  The purpose of this blog is to post relevant, factual information that relates to the document imaging industry.  The industry is a multibillion dollar industry and includes everything from small, desktop office copiers/multifunctionals to enterprise wide document content and data software systems.  We hope you enjoy the content of this blog.

Most of our post topics and ideas come from typical, day to day events or issues that we experience in the market.  Issues, resolutions, news, etc., typically effect every organization.  Every organization deals with either paper documents, electronic documents, or a combination of both.  The multifunctional copier role has changed quite a bit over the years.  With the advent of digital multifunctionals, the equipment now typically resides on a consumer’s network which expands a myriad of solutions as well as complexities.

The multifunctional copiers in use today are critical to the everyday processes of organizations.  Whether it involves copying, printing, or scanning critical documents, businesses create and manage documents.  In fact, documents whether electronic or paper, are growing at over 20% per year.  Makes you wonder what happened to the paperless office.

The document imaging industry has undergone tremendous technological advances within the past few years.  Ironically, as much as the technology has advanced, still many things continue to remain the same in the industry.

Our posts will hopefully help you answer a question, provide you direction for the task at hand, and hopefully encourage you to contact us if you are dealing with issues or questions and you just want the real answer.  We are very proud of our legacy and enjoy being the premier Colorado Springs’ copier authorized dealer

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

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