Be Careful Purchasing Multifunctional Copiers!

Buying a multifunctional copier in Colorado Springs?Kyocera 500Ci

Before you start getting proposals, before you have seen shiny brochures, before you start visiting showrooms looking at copiers, be sure you have determined how you will acquire the equipment.  Are you going to purchase the equipment?  Well, that is a pretty easy transaction.  But do you really want to own a copier/multifunctional?  Probably not.  With technology changing so rapidly, your new equipment today will be outdated in less than two years and have litlle to no value.  Furthermore, is buying a copier/multifunctional the most advantageous use of your organization’s money?

Here is a simple exercise that runs through my head daily.  It runs through my head because of all the horror stories I hear about organizations that have spent their hard earned money on a new copier/multifunctional.  Many customers respond with something like we only pay $.008 cents per page for our copies/prints.  WRONG!

Take this example (the numbers are reasonable and it makes the math easy):

purchase price of black & white multifunctional $10,000

average copies per month 10,000 pages per month

cost per page for maintenance and service $.01 per page

Life cycle of equipment 5 years

Let’s summarize the true cost of ownership of a copier/multifunctional in this example:

Capital Cost per page per month  $.0166  since you purchased the equipment, this is just simply spreading the $10,000 cost over the total volume of pages over the assumed life cycle

Monthly cost per page per month for paper $.01

Monthly cost per page for service and supplies $.01

Your organization’s black and white cost per page copied or printed is approximately $.0366 per click, this does not take into account energy consumption, time, annual service increases, and the opportunity cost of using the money for something else.

If your organization only runs 5,000 pages per month your  black and white cost per page copied or printed is approximately $.0533 per click.

Bottom line, don’t get oversold with a multifunctional copier that is more machine than you need.  Compare leasing versus buying to see what makes the most financial sense.  Understand escalation terms for service per year, know the machines energy rating.  I will talk more about leasing in future blogs.  If questions, please call me at 719-630-8600.





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